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Armour Publishing

Lele Jiajia Mo Tian Lun 乐乐和佳佳搭新加坡摩天观景轮 (Timmy & Tammy Chinese Edition)

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When Timmy and Tammy take their first ride on the Singapore Flyer, they meet someone in need of help. Will they be able to cheer their new friend up?
Join Timmy and Tammy as they go out and about to explore and learn. Practise reading skills and have fun with the activity at the back.
sku: 9789814789820
Author: 万恩然 Wan, Ruth
Publication Date: 1/1/2018
Publisher: Armour Publishing
Series: 伴我阅读 Let Me Read
Age: 4-6 years
让我们和乐乐与佳佳一起去发现,也学习 新鲜的事物。故事后面还附上了好玩、有趣又可以认字的活动!