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Armour Publishing

Timmy & Tammy L3 What is Singapore?

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Format: Paperback
Publisher: Little Knights
EAN: 9789814668361
Timmy and Tammy want to know what Singapore is, but everyone is giving them a different answer. Soon, they come up with their own definition of Singapore that is both creative and heartwarming.
About the author:
Ruth Wan-Lau is the author of the popular Timmy and Tammy preschool series. The series was chosen as part of the SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift Pack to be given to all Singaporean babies born in 2015. Ruth s Timmy and Tammy books were also presented to Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana by President Tony Tan to commemorate the royal birth in 2015. Ruth is passionate about encouraging children to love reading and to love Singapore. She taught her two sons and her daughter to read fluently by age four. Ruth has worked in public communications and as a writer and editor of children s books for 16 years. She is an alumnus of Methodist Girls Primary School, Raffles Girls Secondary School, Raff