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Franklin Watts

Experiences Matter: Koala Goes on Holiday

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Koala Goes on Holiday offers a gentle introduction to the experience of being away from home for young children.

This funny, charming story is the perfect way to introduce young children to the experience of being away from their familiar surroundings. Also included are suggestions for activities and ideas to talk through together to help children reflect on their own experiences.

Koala is going on holiday, and everyone is very excited - everyone except Koala. She is nervous about being away from home. What if she doesn't like the beach? What if she doesn't like the food? Luckily, her sister is there to reassure her...

The Experiences Matter series of picture books provide a gentle means of discussing experiences, boosting self-esteem and reinforcing good behaviour. Supports the Personal, Social and Emotional Development Area of Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage, and is also suitable for use with children in KS1 and can be used to discuss values. Suitable for children under 5.