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Extreme Spot the Difference : Wonders Of the World

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Dig into the details of the wonders of the world.
Stonehenge. The pyramids. The coliseum. The places that truly inspire wonder are presented here in forty-two stunning high-resolution photographic images, in nearly identical pairs. This unique puzzle book invites readers to spot nearly 100 minor differences in two side-by-side images of the world's most beloved relics and monuments. From a small fishing vessel missing from the water behind Croatia's Pula Roman Arena in one shot to the façade of a humble building changed from green to red, these minor but plentiful differences are intended to challenge the experienced visual puzzler.
The perfect mental challenge to keep brain synapses firing, Wonders of the World: Extreme Spot the Difference even includes a unique and reusable spotter's grid that lies overtop the pages and can be written on and erased, keeping the beautiful images pristine and ready to be used time and time again.