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The Bee, The Beetle And The Money Bug: The Bankbazaar Guide to the Financial Wild

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How should you save? Where should you invest? Is your insurance enough? How do you start on the journey of fulfilling your aspirations?
The financial world is a jungle of sorts. Dangers lurk everywhere. So how can you foray into this jungle to feast on its bounties but stay clear of the traps?
Adhil Shetty, the co-founder and chief executive of BankBazaar.com, takes you on a journey through the financial wild, accompanied by the bee, the beetle and the 'money' bug.
But what do these creatures have to do with finance? A lot! Adhil and his 'friends' employ case studies and data to nudge you towards common sense money management.
Adhil is one of India's most widely quoted and trusted experts in personal finance. With his first book, he passes on his wealth of knowledge to help every Indian take control of how they save, insure, invest and borrow.
He demystifies jargon-heavy financial literature and confusing sales pitches. He pulls you out of your decision fatigue. He tells you how to enjoy your money responsibly.
With this book, he will help you structure your finances, avoid bad decisions and cement your financial legacy.