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The Get Things Done Book

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Every day we begin new projects, or try to find pleasure in the ones we're working on - above all, we hope one day we'll finish them! But in a disjointed, distracting world it's often hard to find the motivation and focus necessary.

This compact book brings together 41 of the best productivity models. From world-famous techniques to the best-kept secrets of the professionals, this book is full of big ideas that actually work - distilled to their essence. You'll find out how to achieve deep work, compartmentalise tasks and identify your priorities - as well as how to build confidence, find your circle of competence and even learn to work with difficult people.

Stylish and compact, this little book is a powerful asset. Whether you need to pull off a new project, assess what you've achieved so far, or even just understand your own working habits, this unique book has all the tools you need.