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The Secret Life of the Brain: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Mind

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An introduction to the fascinating hidden workings of the human mind.

In the long history of the study of anatomy, neuroscience is a relatively new field and there are plenty of mysteries yet to be uncovered. The Secret Life of the Brain explores the fascinating advances that have been made in the field so far, from the intricacies of memory and intelligence, to the enigmatic workings behind our sense of humor and our dreams.

The rapid rise of Alzheimer's in the aging population has brought the workings of the brain to the forefront; all of us have an interest in learning more, and understanding how our brains work. The more we learn about the brain, the more captivated we become. This is where science gets personal, where it helps us make sense of ourselves.

Full of illuminating illustrations and diagrams, this book lifts the lid on how drugs affect the brain; the science behind addiction; how the brain deals with trauma and pain; and how love, age and sex affect the brain. Finally, there is a tantalizing insight into the cutting-edge scientific theories that are attempting to get behind the many elements of neuroscience that we still can't quite explain.

The Secret Life of the Brain is written in accessible language for all readers who want to know more about a complex science.